fullsizerender-copyHi, my name is Donovan and I am a witch. I am not a Wiccan, Satanist or Neopagan. I am  a Traditional Witch (kind of but not in the strictest sense of the term). You see, I don’t follow a specific tradition as is common with most people who call themselves traditional witches. I know  I might seem to be a contradiction in terms but hear me out. I have been practicing witchcraft for the last 20 years and I have tried many systems and traditions. Some parts made sense and felt right. But other parts felt strange and did not sit right with me. This always left me frustrated and made me judge myself negatively.

Over time I came to realise that I am an individual and like each one of you out there, unique. It is unrealistic to expect every system or tradition to fit perfectly to who I am or who you are.

Over time I started ignoring those elements that did not work for me and started focusing on those that did. I started built my own tradition and my own system. I do not expect my ideas to suit every person or for you to agree with them. All I want to do is inspire those who may feel the same way I did. I want to keep the craft real and unpretentious.

You ask what does he believe or what does he do? Well, it is quite simple. I relate to sabbatic witchcraft symbolism but without being a re-constructionist and with no affiliation to groups like Cultis Sabbati (I do admire the work of Andrew Chumbley and other Cultis Sabbati Authors). I am also a huge fan of Gemma Gary, Doreen Valiente, Starhawk among others. I have deep connection to Eastern philosophy and symbolism without being a Buddhist or Hindu. I adhere to most tenants of Thelema without identifying as a thelemite. I believe that my intuition guides my craft  and I use the symbols that speak to me. I approach all symbols with humility and reverence. I let my intuition be the voice for the Man in Black and I invite you to do the same.

Throughout the blog I will try to keep things as clear and simple as possible. I want the information to be accessible to all.

May the black flame illuminate your way!